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Noah's Ark Sculpture Park

Project Name: Noah's Ark Sculpture Park

city: Jerusalem

categories: planning groups

scale building: 961 square meters

design features:

for children, the use of a floating Noah's flood rescue boats of all kinds of people struggling under the myth is indeed very attractive. Therefore, the construction in Jerusalem of the theme park to meet the children's taste.

at the construction on the park, the Swiss architect and sculptor, the United States Miki de Saint Phalle's style is not consistent. Sculptor, standing on the children's point of view, to create a fantasy world of vibrant color, the children can play chase; and building designers are more rational, building hope that the whole group are monochrome, as in the case of music as smooth. It is perhaps this kind of inconsistent, but have had an unexpected effect.

Park building with Jerusalem stones piled yellow produced, precast concrete structure, are the children's play room. And outdoor lawn were scattered on a colorful animal sculpture. Analog underground part of building a Noah's Ark of the internal structure, 3.5 meters height.