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Philip Johnson's glass (1)

Philip Johnson£¨American Institute of Architects, architecture theorist. July 8, 1906 was born in Cleveland, has been studying philosophy at Harvard University, graduating in 1927. After the architecture historian with the H R Hitchcock traveled to Europe, to get to know a lot of modernist architects. Returned after the term of office in 1932 the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, director of architecture, the same year and co-Hitchcock "international style" one book, and exhibitions, the first to introduce European modernism and American architecture. Progressive Architecture in 1939 at Harvard University Graduate School, M study, but the instructor is really Der Rohe Mies. Access architecture degree in 1943. Designed in 1945 to open Office ,1946-1954 heavy New York City Museum of Modern Art, director of architecture. His monograph "Der Rohe Mies" published in 1947, quite famous. Designed in 1949 their own homes, established him as the architect's reputation°£