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Saarinen building design renderings

Saarinen building design renderings



ĦĦĦĦE Saarinen August 20, 1910 an artist was born in Finland, home, father was an architect, his mother was a sculptor. The whole family emigrated to the United States in 1923. The sand in the Nanjing study sculpture in Paris in 1929, one year after the return to the United States. The United States in 1934 and graduated from Yale University Department of Architecture, the architecture firm in his father's job. Opened in 1950 alone. Nanjing preferences

sand sculpture, his life did not form their own stereotypes of the building style, but in the constant creation of new style. 1951 north of Detroit at the GM Design Center, the company's technology, style is very close to Smith on the single-storey building. This building group has 25 buildings, surrounded by a warping of the artificial lake, the lake has the characteristics of the water tower with sculpture. Here his style. Nanjing

make the sand are the world famous St. Louis City, Jefferson National Monument. The high 190 meters wide each of the externally bonded stainless steel parabolic arches, magnificent shapes, smooth lines, a symbol of the city for the United States to develop the western gate. 1952 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he designed the hall and small hall, a hall used only three-point 1 / 8 spherical shell for the roof, the church building block for the round. Yale University in 1958 for the design of the Ice Hockey Hall, the use of suspension structure, along the longitudinal axis line layout a course of reinforced concrete arch beams, suspension dropped by both sides, fixed up at the auditorium. Flights stretch architecture modeling, show the speed of ice hockey and strength.

him the most surprising works are New York's Kennedy Airport's American World Airlines terminal building, building the image of the Youth Pre-employment outside of the Big Bird, a strong momentum; four pouring from the roof of reinforced concrete shell of a combination of several tablet shell only connected at some point, the gap Department arranged skylights, building wealth to changes in space. This is a virtue of modern technology to combine building with the sculpture works. His other masterpiece is the Washington Dulles International Airport terminal. Building for the suspension roof, span of 45.6 meters, 182.5 meters in length, the longitudinal flow along the road. Low cross in the roof, under a series of check-in procedures, such as the management of space; cross Spaces Gochang client for use in passenger distribution. Structure combining form and function properly, lightweight fly symbolic suspension roof, and structural characteristics of their own co-production, it is natural. Nanjing

the sand are a function of architecture and artistic effect really perfect combination of architecture, and his unique artistic imagination and thought as well as the building left of the sculpture is a very strong work, building on the subsequent far-reaching influence. The United States city planning experts

Saarinen (Eero Saarinen), said: "a town are open book, from which it can see the vision. "He added:" Let me see your city, I can say at this urban culture on the pursuit of what is. ”