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Minimalism Architecture

“Minimalism is also called ABC art, or hard-edged art of the 20th century to the 50's the United States as the center of the art schools. From abstract expressionism, the general in accordance with Duchamp's "reduce, reduce, then reduce the" principle to deal with images, shapes and concise language, color alone, space has been kept to a minimum the plane, and trying to adopt a purely objective attitude, to exclude any of the feelings of the creators of the performance. "

at building up, they decrease in the negative, purified to get rid of trivial, simple to complex in order to obtain the most essential elements in building regeneration, access to concise crisper space at the surface simplicity is often hidden under the delicate structure of the complex. Spaces are seeking quality, material manifestation. In this way there will be a suppression of passion can not, you at one absence, he will be out of the eruption, and then he would break down slowly, until him into the atmosphere.

"passion decomposition, the decomposition became misty nothingness
indistinct but all-pervasive thing, which after decomposition of the passion seems to have a special kind of energy,
penetration and minimal geometric abstraction forms of the cold wall and infiltrated into the modeling elements
space between the inner layer, so that geometric abstraction and Minimalism art brought about a qualitative change happen. "

Mies on the creation of this passion, he "use of limited means thought-provoking message, you can maintain a clear way in the chaotic context, but also the audience at the memory of the index signal to provide refined, giving the left deeply impressed overall. "Since his" less is more "has been building toward a simple, logical development of the selection, with the creation of the Ordinary, Spring Snow also have people under the shadow of riba. When Smith made

FAN Si-Si residential coat, a time has arrived, and also because the client has been building quality Mies condensate, but dramatic is that, when the coat FAN Si-Si Finally having to sell it when , she wrote: "That glass box like a floating light in the air or water, was tied up at the pole, surrounded by mysterious Spaces - Today, I feel there is the strangeness of its head, in the lush river, never see heron, which flew off to go look for them to lose the upper reaches of heaven. ”