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Shure America Technology Center


Shure is a company engaged in the production of audio-visual equipment, a private company in order to adapt to the needs of business growth, they want at the basis of the existing headquarters on an additional 70,000 square feet technology center here. Architects to borrow at the existing building a recurring point of view, the steel framework of the Technology Center is also the headquarters of concrete frame into that perspective. The adoption of the new building inserted into the existing building the most characteristic tall glass curtain wall, the architects so that both the original building became a combination, but also become an extension of its body. The new technology center city along the road to start the entire project so as to set up a kind of orthogonal properties: add built to comply with the geometric part, and formed his own style. From the plane, the new part with each other as if two rectangular dislocation, one of which includes engineering and technical areas and offices, and the other two-storey large 40x50 foot space, including special tests and testing equipment, as well as prototype production workshop. "dislocation box" concept has also been applied to simultaneously profile and elevation, such as the bottom of the entire second floor space to move relatively prominent, resulting in a facade throughout the promenade. Headquarters vertical fenestration architects borrowed way, rotating 90 degrees after being applied to the entire second floor of the construction of some add on, so its level of emphasis and the relationship between the two. The building had been placed in the entrance hall of the old and new part of the Interchange, the glass facade from the east-west into the sun filled the entire space. Perforated steel staircase allows light through the same access to the second floor of office space and connecting two parts of the old and the new corridor. A two-storey internal street through the middle of building will be daylight and dramatic effect to the entire working space¡£

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