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Sweden spinal cord and brain injury center building design

The private clinics to subvert the traditional notion of hospital, it seemed like a natural home, oak, pine and other timber formed around the external walls, a rectangular plane through the yard,roof, glass walls, skylights and the upper deck will be sun and the introduction of the indoor landscape. Here the single and double rooms providing a total of 92 sets of beds, and traditional clinics from using the corridor to connect the different size-fits-all wards, this building will be patient with the surrounding beautiful landscape on the vision and space connected at the same time the mobility of patients provide some degree of autonomy. Clinics, including clinic, physical and neurological treatment rooms, medical equipment rooms, conference rooms, gymnasium, swimming pools, as well as semi-private area to visit family members. Abstract architecture of the plane to reflect the layout of the village, including streets, squares and housing. Architects will be the courtyard into five three-story structure, theyand water features not only through access to a unique personality, but also help patients and visitors to determine position, each garden represents a different treatment center . Area of 246,386 square feet of low-level layout more conducive to the use of persons with disabilities. Steel columns supporting the concrete deck to the glass wall into the oak fine 100, the horizontal and vertical bar junction of Plexiglas dowel for the entire building had increased the texture, louvers not only filter sunlight, while providing a certain degree visual privacy. Four weeks at the clinic, each ward are installed on the ceiling has a diameter of 7 feet of clear plastic ball, can collect sunlight, artificial light sources during the day to addĄŁ